Bovine Ultrasound Machines

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Our bovine ultrasound machines come with rectal probes that have a long lens of 60-70mm, perfect to see the largest follicles.


What is the Most Recommended Model for Exams and Pregnancy Detection?

The SonoScape E1V Ultrasound is the most recommended ultrasound for large animals such as cattle and mares. One reason is that the main unit of the bovine ultrasound machine produces the best image quality due to its sophisticated main board that has 32 channels. Also, the rectal probe produces images unlike any other ultrasound scanner. It has 128 elements while others have 96, a 70mm lens (the largest among other bovine ultrasound machines), and a 10 foot long cord (most rectal probes have standard cord of 7 feet long). The frequency can also be adjusted according to the needs during scanning, it adjusts from 4.0Mhz up to 16Mhz.

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