Ultrasounds for Animals

Large Animal Scanners

These machines are best for bovine and equine examinations. Specific probes are necessary depending on the type of examinations that are perfomed. For rectal exams, a rectal linear probe with a long lens of 60-70mm is important in order to see large follicles. If performing equine tendon examinations, a linear array probe with a higher frequency is recommended.

Small Pet Ultrasounds

We carry a variety of small animal ultrasounds to meet your needs. A quality ultrasound that is perfect for dogs, cats, and other pets is a must for all veterinarians today. These models feature probes that allow for examining minor parts such as, micro convex probes with a high frequency of 5-8MHz, or even up to 10MHz. If a probe's frequency is too low, it will not work well because of its depth, producing a lower quality image. If examining very large dogs, a convex probe is needed.

Mixed Practice Scanners

These are highly adaptable ultrasounds for different animals and include models with probes of all types. Different probes are available depending on the animal and range from a frequency of 2.5MHz up to 10MHz. These machines are lightweight and compact, which allows them to be carried anywhere.

Farm Animal Machines

Ultrasonic diagnostic machines for farm animals such as goats, sheep, and pigs are important for pregnancy detection. These scanners usually include sector probes like the WED-2000 and the MSU-1 models. Portable and handled machines with electrical probes offer better image quality.

Fish & Reptile Exams

If examining fish and reptiles, it is necessary for these machines to be waterproof. Model EMP-V9 is a good choice for such examinations. For reptiles, it's important that the machine has a high frequency probe up to 10MHz.