We have many options available for used WELLD ultrasounds. Most of these model were only slightly used for demo purposes. We guarantee you will be just as satisfied as purchasing a new model.

WED veterinary ultrasounds have sold for many years in the US market and have a good reputation among bovine and equine veterinarians, farmers and breeders. WELLD ultrasounds are known for being reliable and can be used for many years without any problems. For example Model WED-9618V is one of the oldest WED models but it is still the most reliable machine. Hundreds have sold in the US market for years without any problems.

Model WED-380V is the newest model and has the features that older Model WED-380 did not have such as 32 Channels technology, USB port for laser printer and USB port for image saving to U disk and transfer to PC. 

WED veterinary ultrasounds are also used by many skilled veterinarians for performing biopsies on pets in order to make sure that the sample is taken from the correct location for further diagnosis. It is great way of monitoring the cardiovascular system of pets. Ultrasound has become the standard diagnostic imaging tool in the animal healthcare industry. Most portable ultrasound machines are compact in size, have excellent image quality, image storage capability, comprehensive software, long life battery, and many other high-end features.