Kaixin ultrasounds are very popular among veterinarians, especially for bovine and equine practices since they are portable and handheld. Are you looking to buy an ultrasound machine to upgrade your professional services but don't know what to choose? Kaixin models will fit your needs and have proven to be very useful in diagnosis, pregnancy checking, parts examination, etc. All Kaixin models have a long 70mm rectal probe which allows the ability to see even the largest ovaries. Only Kaixin ultrasounds have a 2 year warranty for both the probe and main unit.

Performing an accurate ultrasound test at the right time can save lives of sick animals. Often many animals lose their lives because their condition was not diagnosed properly due to the lack of ultrasound diagnostic equipment. In the past, it has been much of a pressing matter in the veterinary world on the significance of using proper ultrasound machines to determine health problems of animals in order to give best medical care.  Now, it is expected that all veterinarians have functional ultrasound machines at their clinics.