At KeeboMed, we offer low prices on portable ultrasounds, starting from $3000. Portable veterinary scanners are a smart choice for quality at a low cost and work with all kind of animals. 

Most of them have a 10" CRT screen, making them lightweight and more convenient for transport, which is very important in animal echosonography. A few models such as SonoScape A6V, Chison ECO-1, and ECO-3 have a 12" LCD screen. Approximate weight of these portable ultrasounds are 20Lbs, the SonoScape A6V is about 10-12 Lbs. Most require electric power except a few models like the SonoScape A6V - standard comes with a rechargeable battery and can operate for 3 hours.

Portable ultrasounds are generally more affordable than handheld ultrasound machines and have a better image quality. They are also very reliable and will last longer, for at least 10-15 years. So if you are in the market for a vet ultrasound and are not in a big need for a handheld machine, a portable ultrasound may be a good choice for you.

KeeboMed offers all kind of portable ultrasounds for all animals and budgets. All our ultrasounds are digital, we do not sell any analog ultrasounds.