Zoom Chison ECO5 Vet Color Doppler Ultrasound | KeeboVet
Zoom Chison ECO5 Vet Color Doppler Ultrasound | KeeboVet
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Zoom Chison ECO5 Vet Color Doppler Ultrasound | KeeboVet
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Chison ECO5 Vet

$ 7,999.00

New Affordable Color Doppler Portable Vet Ultrasound

Chison ECO5 Vet is an excellent color doppler veterinarian ultrasound system. Set to eco-friendly standards for less radiation, lower power consumption, and a longer life. User friendly angle adjustable monitor to tailor your viewing angle, and unique LED screen to reduce eye fatigue.  

The ergonomic keyboard is designed for quick and easy access to functions that reduce time. Features an efficient workflow experience with: multi purpose user presets, comprehensive measurement and report system, built in EasyView™ image archive system, quick image storage, retrieve, and transfer, and one button direct print.


  • Full Digital Beam Former
  • Color Doppler with double frame rate, color priority, and color filter technology
  • Multiple Applications
  • Trapezoidal Imaging
  • Chroma
  • i-Image™
  • THI (Tissue harmonic imaging)
  • SRA (Speckle reduction algorithm)
  • Compound imaging
  • Various Measurements
  • Detailed Reports
  • EasyView Image Archive System
  • One Key Functions
  • Support PC Printer (HP1102&M251n)


  • Large Animal Reproduction and Tendon Applicaitons
  • Small Animal Abdomen, Small Parts, and Basic Cardiology Applications
  • B, B/B, 4B, M, B/M, CFM, PW Display Modes
  • 2.5MHz - 11MHz Probe Frequency (depending on probe)
  • 256 Frames Cine Loop
  • 4 Step Zoom
  • Measurement Packages for Canine, Feline, Equine, Bovine, and Ovine
  • Patient information management, images record, and exam report
  • Full screen documentation, hospital name, patient name, date/time
  • Annotation database available, pre-saved phrases can be recalled
  • AC 100V-240C, 50Hz-60Hz Power Supply

Standard Configuration

  • Main Unit
  • Dual probe connectors
  • 3 USB ports
  • VGA port
  • Video port
  • Built in battery
  • LAN port
  • 8G memory card


  • 320G Hard Disk
  • DICOM 3.0
  • Waterproof keyboard cover
  • Carrying case
  • PC printer 

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Chison ECO5 Vet Color Doppler Ultrasound | KeeboVet

Chison ECO5 Vet

$ 7,999.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Color Doppler Portable Ultrasound Chison ECO5 Human Vascular/MSK/Abdominal

Fast shipping. Item works perfectly!

Great product great service

I bought Chison eco 5 easy to you. More importantly very good customer service. Very helpful and answers questions almost immediately weekends and holidays.

Janice Marquardt
Chison EC05

Super customer service, love the new unit. Only complaint is minor: cord too long on probe ... simple fix with zip-strips. Guess too long is better than too short.

very satisified

Great company to work with!
Product is good quality.

Grigoriyants Medcorp
Great Service

I have been working with this company for over six years. They are great people, who provide exceptional service, as well as great deals.