KX5100V Video

The KX5100V is a handheld diagnostic ultrasound specifically designed for use with larger animals.   While perfect for Equine and Bovine pregnancy and fertility detection and diagnosis, it will also function well for Swine, Ovine, Canine and Feline diagnoses.  The purpose of the KX5100V is clear: an easy to use and highly portable ultrasound for pregnancy detection.  To easily navigate the KX5100V, we see a small set of function keys with a 6.4" LED Display. The screen is capable of 8 pseudo color modes, comes with 2 lithium batteries for double the work time and has a dedicated port to connect straight to a laser printer. The KX5100V comes with your choice of probe (4 options) and a base for the unit. KX5100V also boasts repeated customer satisfaction. This straightforward ultrasound has little problems and is reliable and affordable.