Dog Breeder - Purchasing an Ultrasound

Purchasing an Ultrasound?

Are you a dog breeder thinking of purchasing your own ultrasound to do pregnancy checking on your canine? Some breeders decide to buy an ultrasound machine since going to the vet with every pregnancy can be costly.

Ultrasound imaging is the best technique to detect pregnancy in your canine giving you accurate results. Ultrasound examination uses sound waves to create pictures and is safe for your dog. 

Determining the amount of use, and your dedication to learning to use an ultrasound will help you make a wise decision. Ultrasounds can be costly, and it takes a trained eye and education to use one.

Timing of Ultrasound?

Performing an ultrasound at least 20 - 22 days after breeding is a great diagnostic tool to confirm pregnancy. Scanning your canine between 30 – 35 days is a good time for estimating numbers of puppies, but this is only an estimate. Specific Doppler ultrasounds can also determine heartbeats in the puppies.

While preforming an ultrasound on your pet will take practice and training, you can get an accurate diagnosis without going to a veterinarian. Training programs are available out there as well as research and practical tips online. In this way you can confidently identify pregnancy and, more important, non-pregnancy.

What Kind of Ultrasound and Probe?

If you have small dogs or toy breeds with a small abdomen, you need to find a scanner with a micro convex probe. A micro convex probe has a higher frequency and can produce better images at a shallow depth. On the other hand, if you have a large breed of dog, with a larger abdomen, you will need a convex probe. A convex probe can penetrate deeper, and has a larger scanning area.

An easy to use, affordable and portable black and white ultrasound will be what you want to look for. You don't need anything fancy to do pregnancy checking, so an ultrasound $5000 and under will fit the bill. Used or refurbished units can also lessen the price. Have a question about choosing the right pet and dog ultrasound equipment? Then get in touch with our team today to find out more about our product range that will be sure to match your needs.