SonoScape: Ultrasound Machines For Canines

Ultrasound scan is a useful method for assessing normal and abnormal canine pregnancy. SonoScape is a renowned brand which manufactures high quality ultrasound machine used for all types of canine diagnostic procedures. Ultrasounds have been used to assess vessels which increase blood flow during normal canine pregnancy such as umbilical, uterine, ovarian, fetal aorta etc. SonoScape offers a wide range of models which have become quite popular among veterinarians for canine checkups, some of these are as follows:

SonoScape A6V: A high quality B/W (Black&White) portable ultrasound machine widely used for canines. It has a 12 inch LCD monitor which produces crystal clear images, also the monitor is adjustable, a feature you would not find in other machines. It has high probe frequency and produces scans up to 320mm. A6V offers stable performance and has a lightweight of less than 6 Kg making it highly flexible for outdoor locations.

SonoScape S2: A portable color Doppler system considered user-friendly for sonographers.

With functions such as intelligent patient file management system, convenient user-definable settings and professional diagnosis applications, this ultrasound has become a preferred choice for veterinarians. It comes with a 15-inch high resolution LCD monitor with wide-view angle, lithium battery with one hour working capacity without power supply, two probe sockets give better protection to probes etc.

SonoScape S6: A portable color Doppler system, which is widely used by veterinarians to diagnose canines for pregnancy and other ailments. It has powerful software, innovative transducers and a variety of other applications. It features a large operating panel and functions usually found in bigger ultrasound machines. With a high capacity built-in battery, it can be carried outdoors with extreme ease.

SonoScape S8V:A premium Hand-Carried Ultrasound (HCU) machine with a variety of technological features. With many applications, probes, features and capabilities, it has also become quite popular among veterinarians. With transducers ranging from 1.9 MHz to 15 MHz, S8V is an excellent choice for canine scanning purposes.

If you are searching for canine pregnancy ultrasound systems, then SonoScape excels this category. The company has manufactured a wide range of high quality products for pets. Click here to know more about canine pregnancy portable ultrasound machine ( at an affordable price range.