How to Take Care of a Pregnant Mare?

A pregnant mare should be taken care of in the best way throughout the pregnancy to ensure that both the mare and the foal remain healthy. The care should be based on her current health and the time of the year when the birth will take place. The gestation period is around eleven months. A mare can produce a foal at eighteen months of age but it is healthiest when she breeds at the time when she is four. A mare can only produce one foal per year.

It is a healthy practice to get the mare checked by a veterinarian for schedule of vaccines, tests and signs to watch out for. The entire program with the veterinarian will include uterine culture,hormone blood test, vaccinations and most importantly periodic ultrasounds. The mare should be vaccinated from time to time so that she passes the right immune cells to the foal.

The mare should be fed adequate amount of food, nutrients and water for assuring that she does not get aborted due to insufficient food. In the early stages of pregnancy the mare should be ridden and exercised as it helps her remain fit and healthy. During the last few months mare should get proper nutrition, you can also consult your vet if you are not sure about the needs of your mare. Make sure your mare has access to pastures so that she eats something in between her morning and evening meals.

It is advisable to give your mare extra care and attention during pregnancy so that she is less aggressive during the birth giving procedure. Also visiting a veterinarian from time to time is an important practice to be adopted. It is also important to get the ultrasound of your mare done periodically for any complications. The ultrasound should take place through equine ultrasound machines for effective and accurate diagnosis.