How to Take Care of your Pregnant Dog?

Canine pregnancy is a serious and complex medical condition and should not be taken lightly. Pregnancy in a dog lasts lasts approximately 63 days. A pregnant dog experience changes in hormones, weight, appetite and behavior -- just like humans. This is the reason why a pregnant dog needs more affection and attention during this time.

It is important for breeders to understand the special needs of the dog so that she receives the very best in terms of nutrition, safety, comfort and health. Failure to do so may result in complications during pregnancy. Here are a few tips on caring for your pregnant dog. 
    1. Diet: One of the most important things to do for your pregnant dog is to provide her with a proper diet. During the first 30 days of pregnancy she can eat her normal diet. After the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, your pet will need to consume more food, as well as after the birth of the puppies. Make sure that your pregnant dog eats commercial dog food that is high in energy.
    2. Physical Fitness: Take precautions to make sure that your dog does sufficient exercise. However, avoid any exercise that is physically exhausting. Weight loss is generally not recommended in canine pregnancy.
    3. Vaccinations: The amount of immunity the puppies have to infectious disease is directly related to the immunity of their mothers. The female dog should be vaccinated about one month before being bred, so that they develop the maximum amount of antibodies. Do not vaccinate a pregnant dog as some vaccines can cause abortion.
    4. Examination by a Veterinarian: It is wise to take your pregnant dog to a veterinarian for checkup after 4 weeks of pregnancy, especially if the dog was not examined prior to becoming pregnant. Veterinarians, nowadays, extensively use portable ultrasound machines to check if there is any complication in the pregnancy and also count the number of puppies.