Ideal Ultrasounds for Bovine

Selecting Your Bovine Ultrasound With Confidence

Veterinarians agree that finding the perfect ultrasound can be time consuming. If you specialize in bovine health, performing successful examinations requires specifications that provide quick and detailed results. So, how can you choose the best ultrasound machine for your bovine examinations? The following 3 areas consider important aspects of choosing the ideal bovine ultrasound.

Easy Portability

One of the most important features of an bovine ultrasound machine is portability. Many bovine veterinarians perform examinations while in the field at different locations. If an ultrasound is difficult to transport, without a doubt it will affect productivity and fail to satisfy customers. So, what is needed to allow easy portability?

  • Lightweight
  • Battery Operated
  • Fast Charging
  • Small in Size
  • Portable Carrying Bag

Correct Ultrasound Specifications 

Every ultrasound machine has many features designed to meet various needs depending on the type of examinations that are performed. What features are important for equine ultrasounds?

  • Specific Bovine Software
  • Clear LED Screen
  • Quick Image Saving
  • Detailed Reports
  • Multiple Display Modes
  • 32 Channels Sophisticated Main Board

Choosing the Correct Probe

One of the most needed bovine ultrasound examinations is for pregnancy detection. If the proper probe is not used during these examinations it can result in an improper diagnosis and the failure to detect pregnancy. Considering these most important needs will allow you to choose the best ultrasound machine.

  • Long Probe Cord
  • Adjustable High-Frequency Range (4-14MHz)
  • Large Lens to Produce Large Images
  • 128 Elements Superior Imaging

These 3 guidelines will help you find exactly what you need. At Veterinary Ultrasounds we have in stock the ideal ultrasound machine at affordable prices. View our current selection today and feel free to contact us to further help you make the best choice.