KeeboMed Veterinary Ultrasounds had much to offer at NAVC 2017

NAVC, now VMX, is a great way to meet new customers, and of course we love meeting our existing customers.  The world of Veterinary Medicine is moving fast and becoming more exciting. Many veterinaries, practice managers, and technicians are looking to update their practice. VMX is the place to be, as we saw many exhibitors excelling in these areas.

One common complaint we hear is: "Our ultrasound is so big and old." KeeboMed's popular Veterinary Ultrasounds were showcased at NAVC 2017 February 5th-8th in Orlando Florida. Many didn't realize we offer affordable portable veterinary ultrasound machines to fit any budget. When we mention the price, we hear: "really", "can I get some information.", "that's the best price I've heard".  We love to see new customers be able to purchase a quality ultrasound they can afford. 

VMX helps you get the most out of your ultrasound, with sessions like: hands on ultrasound for technician labs, ultrasound interpretations workshops, and more.  We recommend taking advantage of these sessions.

KeeboMed Inc. is the exclusive seller for ultrasound models: SonoScape A6V, Chison ECO1 Vet, ECO2 Vet, and DCU-12Vet. All come with warranty, 60 day money back, and a great price. Check our selection out for one that fits your practice best!